Fit Body - Toning and Double Vibration Machine

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The Fit Body - Toning and Double Vibration Machine is the amazing Whole Body Vibration Training system that helps you attain your Weight loss, Body Shaping and Fitness goals - Fast!

Vibration Training can achieve the same results in just a fraction of the time compared to conventional fitness training methods - With ONLY 10 minutes per day and the MINIMUM of EFFORT you will have all the benefits of a full Intensive Strength Workout!

These futuristic vibration fitness plates help you TONE UP, slim down, increase circulation, accelerate fat loss and reduce the visible appearance of cellulite. But you don't need to spend thousands - Now YOU can afford the latest breakthrough in Weight Loss and Fitness Technology.

But don't take it from us - The benefits of Whole Body Vibration training are backed by the latest in scientific research:

It All Started with Space Research
Whole Body Vibration (WBV)research all started with cutting edge space research and NASA who studied the effects of vibration massage on bone mineral density. Today, 100s of academic research papers have been released highlighting the many positive benefits of whole body vibration training.

Common Research Findings
1. Vibration Training can achieve results in a much shorter period than conventional & intensive training methods.
2. Vibration Training is a low impact training method, suitable for a range of activities, fitness levels and physical abilities.
3. Vibration Training has many valuable benefits for Weight loss, Fitness, Wellbeing, Injury Recovery & Active Aging.

Vibration Training Studies & Press Info
If you want to read up on the research, a quick Google Search on Vibration Training Research will give you plenty of results.

- Balancing Straps
- Full Function Remote Control
- User Manual and Exercise guide included
- Easy to Read Digital Display
- Multiple Programs and Speeds - create the perfect program!
- Timer
- Minimum Assembly Required... just attach the Balancing Straps.
- Power: 200W
- Maximum weight limit is 265 lbs. (We've had people as much as 300 on it though... just not recommended)
- Dimension: Approx Length 28" X Width 16" X Height 6"
- Roller on one end, handle on the other for easy moving and storing
- Unit itself weighs 36 pounds (box wieght is 40 pounds)
- Must be used on hard surface - No Carpeting

- Simple, fast and effective shaping and toning of the whole body
- Increase metabolism to accelerate the break down of fat
- Low-impact all-in-one workout
- Strengthen muscles, improve balance and flexibility
- Reduce the appearance of cellulite
- Improve circulation
- Relieve stress, improve mood and soothe muscle tension
- Effective indoor exerciser in the convenience and comfort of your home
- The sleek and slim design of the body vibration shaper allows you to store it under the bed or sofa when not in use and the wheel caster on the side allows you to move the machine effortlessly to where you want it

Disclaimer: As with any diet or exercise program it is recommended that you consult with your physician before starting to use the Fit Body - Toning and Double Vibration Machine. Not for pregnant women, Osteoporosis patients, people with pacemakers or other electronically implanted devices.

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