Victory at Sea, a 26-episode series on World War II

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During WW II, the US Navy used film to chronicle its activities more than any other military force in history. Film techniques had advanced to include portable cameras and quality film stocks, many of them color. Navy camera crews were assigned to every battle.   A few years after the Allied victory, NBC television created Victory At Sea which cobbled together almost 13,000 hours of footage shot by the major combatant navies, including Japanese footage. Narrated by Broadway star Leonard Graves, and set to a famous score by Richard Rodgers, Victory at Sea provided a firsthand look at every major naval engagement of the war via the new medium of television…AND HAS NOW MADE ITS WAY TO THIS DVD series! It marked one of the first opportunities for average Americans to have such major world events beamed directly into their living rooms. It also marked one of the first attempts to use television to create a comprehensive, public record of such major happenings. Victory at Sea was considered so important and such a milestone both in broadcasting and the preservation of history that NBC ran the entire series without commercial interruption. The series won both an Emmy and a Peabody award for its excellence in public affairs programming. Now, all 26 groundbreaking episodes of Victory at Sea have been lovingly restored, complete with new introductions for each episode. EVERY collector should add this to their collection. Originally sold on TV for $199.99, you can get all 26 Original Episodes that have been Digitally Restored for the unbelievable price of JUST $9.99.  Order today! >  Featured in this 26-part series are: Design for War Conquest of Micronesia The Pacific Boils Over Melanesian Nightmare Sealing the Breach Roman Renaissance Midway is East D-Day Mediterranean Mosaic Killers and the Kill Guadalcanal The Turkey Shoot Rings Around Rabaul Two if by Sea Marenstrum The Battle for Leyte Gulf Sea and Sand Return of the Allies Beneath the Southern Cross Full Fathom Five The Magnetic North The Fate of Europe Suicide for Glory Target Suribachi Design for Peace The Road to Mandalay BONUS 3rd DVD INCLUDED With 6 Programs: America’s Wars, Revolutionary War, The Civil War, World War I, WWII: The True Glory, The Korean War: The First Forty Days in Korea, The Vietnam War: Vietnam! Vietnam! Testimonials from those that bought this collectible treasure: Superior historical footage; interesting and informative. Black and white footage filmed in realtime during the conflict truly amazing. -- N. Cornelius I have loved the series since watching it as a child on TV with my father and uncles who had all served in that war. The subject matter and the wonderfully appropriate musical score strike an emotional chord in me. --J. Brietto This DVD collection is very good. There are other copies of this on the market that are very inferior. I know because I bought one. As far as the content goes, W.W.II is very well documented from Pearl Harbor to Hiroshima. The musical score by Richard Rogers and the N.B.C. orchestra are half the program. If you're into W.W.II history this is well worth the money. -- R. Gilson A must see for anyone interested in an accurate depiction of major events of World War II. Free from revisionist accounts of this history, Victory at Sea uses actual footage gained from both sides of the conflict to meld together an accurate picture of the battles.-- L. Taylor This is all I hoped it would be.-- L. Wills This is the finest American World War II Documentary series ever made. -- R. Hinton

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