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The Deal

Get the $50.00 eGift Reward from Ticket Rewards. Ticket Rewards gives you access to premium live entertainment events in over 60 markets including New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, San Francisco and more!

Choose from brands like Wicked, Cirque du Soleil, NBA, Lion King and many more! Use your Ticket Rewards code to get an additional $50 off your purchase.

Get your $50 Ticket Rewards e-Gift Reward by using $38.00 of your New Concept Card Savings Code and $12.00 Cash (Credit Card or Debit Card required). This offer is only available to New Concept Card e Code holders!

Product Description:
Ticket Rewards gives you access to thousands of premium live entertainment events around the country and in your backyard every day. Every package comes with a dining credit to complete the experience.

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